Blackberry Paloma June 05 2013


The Paloma is a great alternative to a Margarita, made with grapefruit juice instead of lime juice. It’s definitely one of my favorite cocktails to enjoy with some grilled steak tacos. When blackberries are in season, this is a great twist on a standard Paloma.

Fill your ReJigger with your favorite Tequila, fresh squeezed grapefruit juice, and Cointreau. I'm using an El Jimador Reposado and for the grapefruit juice, I like to add a little bit of lime juice. My standard ratio when I'm squeezing the juice is 2 limes for every grapefruit. The lime adds just a touch of sour which is seems to balance everything out.

Before shaking, muddle 4-5 ripe blackberries in the pint glass. The blackberries give this drink a nice, deep color. Add ice and the rest of the ingredients and shake. If you don't like a lot of blackberry seeds, you can pass it through a fine strainer, but it's also just fine to strain it with the ReJigger by itself. Try this at your next taco night!