Rhubarb Shrub Collins September 19 2013


Rhubarb shrub collins

As summer winds down, it's time to savor those last summer cocktails. This Rhubarb Shrub Collins is a great way to enjoy the final days of summer. I recently discovered shrubs and couldn't wait to add them to my list of cocktail ingredients. So, what is a shrub? It's basically a drinking vinegar made up of fruit, sugar, and vinegar. Sounds a little weird, but they are surprisingly refreshing and bring just the right amount of twang to a cocktail. They are also super simple to make. You can take just about any fruit and combine it with equal parts sugar and vinegar. Let it sit and infuse for a day or two and strain it all out.

One of my favorite shrubs is a rhubarb shrub. Start by chopping up stalks of rhubarb into small chunks about 1/2 inch thick. Combine that in a jar with an equal amount of sugar. I usually shoot for about 1 cup of chopped rhubarb and 1 cup of sugar. Shake that together in the jar and let it sit overnight so the sugar can start to break down the rhubarb. The next day add an equal amount of cider vinegar and shake and let sit for another 24 hours before straining it. Once strained, the shrub can be used right away or kept in the fridge.

You can use this shrub as a substitute for simple syrup in just about any cocktail recipe, but I especially like it in a Tom Collins. Pour your favorite gin in the main compartment of the ReJigger. I really like St. George Botanivore, so that's my pick for this cocktail. Since we want to play up the rhubarb, we'll add our rhubarb shrub into the second largest compartment and some fresh lemon juice into the smallest compartment. Shake it all up with some ice and strain into a tall glass with ice and top with soda. Cheers!