The ReJiggered Hot Toddy December 09 2013

Hot toddy recipe

It's December and it's definitely starting to feel like winter. As the weather turns chilly, nothing warms you up quite like a warm beverage. A Hot Toddy is the perfect drink after coming in from the cold. Try this ReJiggered version next time you're feeling cold.

Start by boiling some water. While the water is heating up, pour your favorite bourbon into the largest compartment, followed by honey syrup in the next largest compartment. Then add some lemon juice to the smallest compartment. Pour all the ingredients into a mug.

Once the water has come to a boil, fill all three compartments of the ReJigger with hot water and pour that into the mug. Your Hot Toddy is now ready to warm you up. You can also use your favorite hot tea instead of the water. Cheers!