The Gingerbread Man December 13 2013

Gingerbread man drink recipe

'Tis the season for a special holiday cocktail. To capture the flavor of the holidays, we're going to use some ginger spread and pair it with rye whiskey, amontillado sherry, and Cointreau. The ginger spread gives the cocktail a slight spicy kick and is perfect to enjoy while decorating your gingerbread house.

Start by pouring some rye whiskey in the largest compartment, followed by amontillado sherry in the medium compartment, and finishing with Cointreau in the small compartment of your ReJigger. Add a good spoonful of ginger spread into your pint glass before adding ice and shaking. I used this ginger spread from the Ginger People. Once the drink is mixed and chilled, strain into a glass over ice.

Instead of leaving cookies for Santa this year, try leaving him this cocktail. After all, he'll be working hard all night and deserves a drink! Happy holidays everyone!