Valentine's Day Cocktails February 12 2015


Happy Valentine’s Day!

There’s nothing like a carefully mixed craft cocktail to show a loved one you care. That’s why this Valentine’s Day, we at Rejigger HQ are sharing two new cocktail recipes designed to inspire romance. The first of our red-and-pink drinks is a little more traditional, and easy for a home cocktail newbie to master; the second gives a standard drink an adventurous, savory twist.

Cupid’s Collins

A glass of champagne is romantic on its own. But mix it into a light, fizzy cocktail, and you’ve got a love potion as potent as a hit from Cupid’s arrow. In this adapted Collins recipe, we swap out the usual soda water for a pour of bubbly; fresh raspberries turn the final cocktail candy-heart pink.

Large compartment: Gordon’s London Dry Gin
Medium compartment: lime juice
Small compartment: simple syrup
6-7 raspberries*

Champagne or prosecco to top off


Pour the contents of your Rejigger into a pint glass. Add the raspberries and muddle them thoroughly, until the drink turns a light pink. Add ice and shake, then strain through a fine mesh strainer into a Collins glass or champagne flute. Top off with champagne, prosecco, or another sparkling wine. You can also drop in a few raspberries for garnish!

*If you don’t want to deal with muddling fresh fruit, a spoonful of raspberry jam works here, too. Then, you can ditch the fine mesh strainer and use the Rejigger to strain as usual.



Chocolate-covered strawberries, candies in a heart-shaped box—the traditional Valentine’s Day foods are definitely tasty, but also so predictable. That’s why this February 14, we at Rejigger HQ challenge you to consider the romantic possibilities of a different edible: the humble beet.

Before you laugh out loud and close this tab on your web browser forever, hear us out for a second. Why not beets? They’re red, they’re heart-shaped—everything anyone could ask of a Valentine’s Day treat. And they add vibrant color to this margarita variation, which we’ve adapted from Saveur magazine. In our version, an infusion of fresh jalapeño pepper gives your romantic evening a little extra spice.

Large compartment: Sauza Gold Tequila
Medium compartment: lime juice
Small compartment: Cointreau
2 tbsp. pureed beets
A chopped jalapeño pepper for muddling


Pour the contents of your Rejigger into a pint glass. Add the chopped pepper and muddle thoroughly, then pour in the beets. Shake well and strain into a margarita or cocktail glass.