Grilled Peach Mint Julep June 29 2013

Every summer, I get very excited when the peaches start showing up at the market. In my mind, no other fruit says summer quite like a good peach. One of my favorite things to do with peaches is to grill them with a little brown sugar for a simple dessert. And that got me thinking about grilled peaches as a way to add some of that summer flavor to a cocktail.

Bourbon seemed like the most natural spirit to pair with, so I thought we would try a twist on a Mint Julep. To start, grill a couple of peaches by cutting them in half and dipping the cut halves in some brown sugar. Grilled them cut side down over a medium hot grill just until they are nice and caramelized. After they cool, puree them with a splash of Cointreau to make a grilled peach syrup. Meanwhile, make some mint infused simple syrup.

To put it all together, start with some Buffalo Trace bourbon in the main compartment. Then add the peach puree into the second compartment and the mint syrup in the smallest compartment. Shake it up with plenty of ice and strain it into a chilled glass with ice. The mint and peach work really well together to create a refreshing summer cocktail. Cheers.