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ReJigger Pisco Sour

Pisco itself is a brandy distilled from grape wine, common in both Peru and Chile. Both countries also claim the pisco sour as their country’s national drink. For the Rejigger version, we followed the traditional Peruvian recipe, which calls for slightly spicier Peruvian pisco as well as a sprinkling of bitters on top.

  1. Simple Syrup
  2. Pisco Porton
  3. Lime Juice
  • 1 egg white, bitters to taste
Pour the contents of your Rejigger into a pint glass, and add one egg white along with some ice. Shake vigorously, until the egg white gets frothy, then strain into a coupe or cocktail glass. Add one to three drops of bitters on top, if desired, then sip and enjoy. 

Noah's Negroni

A variation on a traditional negroni dials back the Campari but adds another bitter note with the addition of bitters. Try a variety of different bitters to tailor this cocktail to your tastes. 

  1. Campari
  2. Gin
  3. Sweet vermouth
  • Bitters

Add 3 dashes of your favorite bitter to the ice before pouring in the rest of your ingredients. Shake, strain, and enjoy! Learn more about this cocktail.


The ReJiggered version of the Manhattan. 
  1. empty
  2. Bourbon/Rye
  3. Vermouth
Add a few dashes of bitters into the glass then pour ReJigger into glass and swirl, don't shake! To learn more about shaking and stirring, read this!