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Dapper Leprechaun

If Don Draper were a leprechaun, this would be his go-to drink. Sophisticated and spirit-forward, this manhattan-like cocktail gets a tinge of greenish color from chartreuse—a sweet herbal liqueur crafted by French monks. A dash of Jameson Irish Whiskey ensures the drink keeps an Irish pedigree.

  1. Green Chartreuse
  2. Dry Vermouth
  3. Irish Whiskey

Pour the contents of the Rejigger into a pint glass, along with ice. Shake well, then strain into a cocktail glass. Enjoy!


The ReJiggered version of the Manhattan. 
  1. empty
  2. Bourbon/Rye
  3. Vermouth
Add a few dashes of bitters into the glass then pour ReJigger into glass and swirl, don't shake! To learn more about shaking and stirring, read this!